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Who We Are


Lisa M. Palazzi, CPSS, PWS
Ms. Palazzi is the president and principal scientist of Pacific Rim Soil & Water, Inc. She is a SSSA Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS) and a Society of Wetland Scientists Certified Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS). Ms. Palazzi is also a member of the:
  • Soil Science Society of America
  • Council of Soil Science Examiners (writers of the SSSA certification exam)
  • National Society of Consulting Soil Scientists (past PNW Regional Director and past Secretary-Treasurer of the PNW Chapter)
  • Washington Society of Professional Soil Scientists (past Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Society of Wetland Scientists
  • Washington State Environmental Health Association 

Ms. Palazzi has also provided assistance in writing local and state-wide legislation and model ordinances that affect regulations about stormwater and related hydrology issues.

Ms. Palazzi's university education was focused in soil science and forest ecology. She attained her Bachelor’s degree in 1985, graduating with highest honors from Montana State University with a major in Soil Science and a minor in English Composition. Her Master's thesis, completed at Oregon State University in 1989, was centered on forest science and soil physics—the study of water and heat transport in soils. Her graduate research focused on characterization of the physical processes behind seasonal changes in soil water content and its effect on soil heat storage, soil temperature changes and seedling survival and stress response.

Ms. Palazzi’s background in post-graduate research included participation in an interdisciplinary team of Oregon State University scientists studying ecosystem function of riparian systems in disturbed watersheds of Oregon's Coast Range. The research was focused on assessment and management of fisheries habitat, erosion control processes, silviculture projects, and wildlife habitat enhancement. Projects included stream reach restoration, landslide modeling, stream hydrology modeling, and extensive planting of conifer seedlings in alder-dominated riparian and upland zones. Later, working for the USFS PNW Research Lab in Olympia, Ms. Palazzi worked on statistical analysis of a large, long-term silvicultural fertilization database and on an extensive field project researching soil compaction and erosion effects in clearcut skid trails. Following that, she opened her current soil science consulting business, which has been providing expert wetlands, soils and hydrology assessment services in western Washington since 1991.