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Wetland delineation and assessment

PRS&W Inc. staff have many years of experience with all aspects of wetlands assessments, including delineation, classification, inventory, permitting, mitigation, erosion control, hydrologic monitoring, enhancement and restoration.

Wetland Inventory

At any level needed, using a combination of skilled aerial photo and map interpretation, familiarity with local plant species and soils, and competent field work, PRS&W Inc. can inventory, classify, rate, or delineate wetlands as well as characterize near-surface hydrology of the associated drainage basin. We also provide wetland mitigation and permitting services and assistance as needed.

Wetland Technology

Wetland technology in stormwater or natural hydrologic systems (the application of
known wetland functions and processes related to manipulation of plants, soils and hydrology) can be used in riparian or upland stormwater or natural systems to improve water quality, wildlife habitat and other landscape-level properties. Depending on project needs, the technology can be applied for many diverse purposes, from erosion control to stormwater treatment to recharge of groundwater to flood control. PRS&W Inc. will apply knowledge of soil hydrology and associated soil/plant/water systems to help design and apply site specific, appropriate technologies necessary to meet project goals.